Friday, October 6, 2017

Photographic Media Field Trip

I love how we are learning to see light differently; the way it mottles the ground as the sun streams through the leaves, the texture it adds, or takes away, from a  surface, the shadows created as someone walks through your light source.  I love the beauty that light brings to the world around us.  

It was a great afternoon of class where we were able to go downtown to Browne's Addition and wander and just photograph things as we saw them, trying to focus on a few different things/techniques in our environment: lights, mottling, panning, reflections, shallow depth of field, etc.  I love shallow depth of field so I often do have my camera set to a wide open aperture so that I can focus directly on my subject and letting the rest fall off so they can shine.  

I tried a few different things for reflections, but didn't have as much success as I thought I would.  I tried to capture the clearness of the apartment buildings in Jadyn's sunglasses, but it wasn't nearly as clear as what I though it was to my naked eye.  The wine glasses in the restaurant window as we walked past were lovely and you could see some of the building from across the street and a few trees if you look closely enough.  I also stood to the side as Shae tried to photograph Sarah from inside the copy shop window as she was reflected back through the window that was close to me.  While they aren't the clearest of photographs, it was fun to try and capture these images.

As Elizabeth and I walked along we walked under a chestnut tree.  I had never really paid attention to how large the pods for these chestnuts were.  They are huge!  Elizabeth loves these as they remind her of her childhood and picking them and reaching inside after cracking them open so she could see the fruit of the nuts inside.  As she squished it it started to crack.  She reached down, picked it up and began opening it to reveal the goodies inside.  Excitement arose as she discovered that not there were three inside, not the more common two!  Chestnuts are lovely as they emerge from their pod; all shiny and lovely brown-red in color.  Chestnuts are simply beautiful!

It was a great day - one that I am not only grateful for the opportunity to photograph the beauty around me, but to also be able to do that with friends and classmates who can share this beauty from their point of view and to remember it in the form of a photograph.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Braelynn - Class of 2018

Braelynn is so fun!  We had a great time with her senior session, even if the smoke from the forest fires still lingered in the air.

I have learned a few things from this session that will be good to keep in mind from here on out.  One, don't use the gold reflector that comes in the 5-in-1 kit (why do they even include one?); it make skin tones so much more orange and a chore to remove.  Two, smoky days are NOT for photographing in.  Unlike cloud cover the smoke also contributes to a more orange skin tone.   After trying to remove those colors, these are the images I was able to share with Braelynn and her family.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I really enjoyed this senior shoot at Finch Arboretum.  Teylor was a lot of fun to work with and she's so lovely.  I spent a few hours capturing some of her awesome personality.    These are just a few of my favorite images of her!



Saturday, May 27, 2017

Film Noir (cont'd)

During our shoot-out event I also took the opportunity to make photographs of the girls individually.   These were some of my favorite images I made.

In this first image I used only natural lighting.  This was a hallway on the outer wall of the event center that had light streaming in from a few different areas.

In this second photograph I was using a friend's speed light in a completely dark room.  I was pretty impressed with how well my model was light with the speed light. 

This photograph was also made in the outer hall stairwell utilizing only the natural light that was available.

In my image of my modeling singing I did use studio lighting to light my model.  

More natural lighting on my model in the outer stairwell.

Friday, May 26, 2017


I had the opportunity to photograph a classmate friend's roommate for a special event our school holds each year at a local event center.  Randi, the friend, was more than happy to oblige us as we made multiple images of her.  I love how a few of these turned out.  Each of these was made using only the ambient lighting streaming through the windows in this lovely hall.

Film Noir

Each year my program, Spokane Falls Community College, rents the Riverside Event Center and we students, along with instructors, are able to do some real location photography.  The goal is to give us the opportunity to use our creative vision to create various photo shoots, all ranging from large production to small production shoots.  My friend, Cory, and I arranged for two large production shoots.  We find models for these shoots, use a hair and make-up school to get our models all ready, and even have to put out costumes together.  Thankfully we have the assistance of our local Civic Theater that guides us with our costumes.

The second of these shoots was a film noir type image.  Cory headed up this shoot and I assisted.  We had a lot of fun capturing these, but it was a process for sure!  We recruited three of our fellow classmates to model for us, along with my daughter.  Our vision was a male piano player with three femme fatales vying for his attention.  The photo below is one of the images I captured in-between shots that Cory was taking.  We were getting all set up while we waited for our final lady to finish getting her hair and makeup done.

In addition to working with Cory for the group large production image, I wanted to take advantage of the lights to capture some other images I had in mind with our ladies.  I have a friend who has a 3D printer and asked him to make me an old time microphone (if you want more info on this let me know and I can connect you with him).  

These images are a start, I know I still have much to learn, but I enjoyed working on them!

Saturday, May 6, 2017


My son and his girlfriend are seniors in high school this year and I was able to photograph them both for this event.  I'm so grateful for the help of a good friend and classmate, Cory Henderson, and his wife, Candice.  We utilized the beautiful sun we had here in the pacific northwest, along with two strobes.  I didn't really think that strobes were necessary when photographing outdoors, but I am so happy with how these images look.